RALSTON IN BASKET 2                         RALSTON IN CONFETTI                 RALSTON IN BASKET

A few weeks ago I received an early morning text from my friend Marguerite about her cat’s new found love affair with her bridal shower gift.  It would appear that Ralston is quite enamored with the monogrammed hand basket that was intended for shopping.  The stuffing inside the basket is comfy napping material and the basket itself seems to be a great place to play and chill.  Apparently, this bridal shower gift is something the entire family can enjoy.  Even the family pet.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Who knew?  I’m glad everyone in her household can find joy in that gift.  LOL!

Thanks for sharing this with me Marguerite.  It made my day.

Photos Courtesy of Marguerite Daniels Anderson