I’m always on the search for good recipes to use in my home.  Unfortunately, due to my work schedule and a tad bit of laziness, I haven’t taken the time to try new recipes to add to my repertoire.  So recently, I’ve decided that I’m going to start using all of those recipes that I’ve seen on Pinterest, in cookbooks, online and on cooking shows.  I’m on a quest to eat good food and stop wishing for good food to fall into my lap.  I’ve decided to ease my way into this cooking idea of mine.  For now, my plan is to use some of the recipes that I’ve saved to my Pinterest board and in my various online accounts.  My mission is to make one or two meals a week (on the weekends only).  My focus is casseroles and desserts for now.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to stay on schedule, learn a few new things, and eat some really good food in the process.  I’ll be back to update you on some of the dishes I’ve created in the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned.